Just to let you know that my latest book, If Wishes Were Horses, is also available on Kindle. OMG! I love Kindle. It just shows that one should never say never! For various physical reasons (details of which I won’t bore you with) I find reading physical books in bed difficult to say the least. I too adore the feel of a book. Love having one close by, always. But the Kindle has allowed me to read, read, read as much as I always did for which I am eternally grateful. It made sense then that my publishers made my book available on Kindle. In the unlikely event that Kindle want someone to promote their product – I am that person. It’s not perfect, but then neither am I!

Happy reading all…

Love, Sallyann xx

Hello all, 

Just to let you know that my latest book, a novel, If Wishes Were Horses will be out in July. I am excited about this and we have a launch and lots of signings coming up so I will obviously keep you posted. Also I have a second and revised edition of The Magic of Writing Things Down coming out in the next month too, so much happening.

To all you writers and would-be writers out there – happy writing!

Love, as always,

Sallyann x

Dear All,

I lied about being dragged kicking and screaming into the world of bloggers. I attended a one day workshop voluntarily as I felt I needed to  know more about blogging et al. Now that I have set this up I am not going to bore you all with daily ramblings. I will wait until I have something which I think will be of interest and be back in touch. Until then…

Sallyann x

Hello world! At last I am entering the world of blogging. Speak to you all soon.

Love, Sallyann x